The Baryllion Princess Book 2 - The Vortex

Having fought and won the battle against Tobyn, one of the most deadly of sorcerers, Nemeila left Kallopia and returned to her adoptive parents’ home in Ikasar. Four years had passed since leaving her friends, but now a new threat was tearing the communities apart – creatures from a distant dimension were taking the young and killing all that stood against them. Although they were reptilian and walked upright, the people began calling them phantoms as they seemed to appear from a hole in the air and vanish the same way.

The goddess they served needed the nourishment from the young to keep her alive but when the food source was exhausted on previous destinations she sent a detonator through the portal to destroy the planet, leaving cosmic dust where the world once sat in space. This fate unbeknown to Parlan or Nemeila was what she was planning for their home world, when the source of supply ran out.

The young king of Kallopia, Parlan, was in despair as nothing and no one had been able to stop the abductions and killings. The reptiles were huge with skin as hard as armour plating, arrows would not pierce it and no one had been able to get close enough to use a sword against them. When his own daughter was taken he was frantic with worry, and it was his friend Tyler who helped keep him sane. Tyler’s thoughts turned towards the young girl who had helped when the sorcerer Tobyn wanted to cripple the land and rule in his cruel way, enslaving everyone to his whims. Would she again risk her life to help the people and save the kingdom from this new threat; and maybe save his friend’s daughter?

The publisher who delivered my first story 'The Wolf and the Sorceress' having not sold or got my book into any shops has now given me back the copyright. This second story is now pending a new publisher to take me on. The title has been changed to 'The Baryllion Princess Book 2 - The Vortex. I have rewritten some of the text to make the story more enjoyable.

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Brian P. PembertonBrian P Pemberton born in England in North London just after the Second World War when rationing was still in force across the whole of England. Having grown up, and knowing all his life there was something inside him waiting to be triggered off... read more

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