The Wolf and Sorceress - The King's Magician

The Wolf and the SorceressBefore Nemi's journey begins she will have to face and defeat one of the most powerful sorcerers who have ever lived.

Nemi is not a normal girl. Found by a woodsman and saved from the hungry jaws of a wolf, she is raised by the childless couple, Taliena and Jacob Hunter. The couple soon realise that their new daughter has special powers, and that all their lives would be in danger, if her secret were found out. An amulet placed upon the child’s arm by her birth mother has the charms to protect her, but she will need guidance to use her gift of sorcery if she is to survive.

Ilanthia was the captain of a prison ship thrown 100,000 light years from her own galaxy during a cosmic storm, and had to make the heart wrenching decision to send her new born child away for its safety when her ship crash landed on an alien planet, 15th Century Earth. One prisoner, Tobyn, also has the power of sorcery and threatened to kill the Warden and her child.

Having been thwarted and captured initially by Ilanthia, Tobyn upon escaping his cell, allows Ilanthia to live, but promises to find and kill her daughter, then return to kill Ilanthia herself. Nemeila eventually meets the sorcerer Tobyn in the castle and thinks she has defeated him in the following battle using her own powers of sorcery, but Tobyn decides to run away and try another day when finds that the girl’s strength is far stronger than he imagined.

The publisher Austin Macauley failed to get my book into any book shops so consequently I had no sales, other than what I sold at book-signings, and a few on Amazon. If a book isn't seen on the shelves of a shop it can't be bought, and who would know of the title if it wasn't there. They have now given me back the copyright and I am looking for a new publisher. I have renamed this story to 'The Baryllion Princess Book One - A Legend is Born' and have updated this new version some. I ask my fans to please be patient and should I get taken on by a new publisher will tell you thorough this website.

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Brian P. PembertonBrian P Pemberton born in England in North London just after the Second World War when rationing was still in force across the whole of England. Having grown up, and knowing all his life there was something inside him waiting to be triggered off... read more

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